Religious fundamentalism essay

Religious Fundamentalism Essay

This example Religious Fundamentalism Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. Serious disturbances are there on the border. Billy Graham epitomized this new trend in evangelicalism.

Indian Muslims are influenced by what is happening in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is the women who suffer the most.

Religious fundamentalism is very dangerous. Within Christianity the definition of Fundamentalism is based the Protestant Churches firm belief in the Holy Scripture of the Bible, which Christians believe to be the divine and infallible word of God.

Scopes, was found guilty of teaching evolution in public schools; other attempts to banish modernism and evolution from schools and society were unsuccessful. Anything should not be imposed on their culture, language and religion and feeling should be created in such a positive way that they are fully integrated into the mainstream.

Increasingly radicalized, fundamentalist extremists thus pose a serious threat, especially to developing nations and those experimenting with democracy.

Religious Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism is basically going back to the fundamentals of religion which is really good because all the religions preach noble ideas like universal brotherhood, peace and compassion.

Global Fundamentalism Today Although fundamentalism has been a recurrent phenomenon in religious history, its recent characteristics are strident militancy, confrontation, and all too often, violence.

But fundamentalists made hue and cry and pressurised the Rajiv Gandhi government to change the decision by legislation. In Pakistan, its north-east part where a girl of sixteen years Malala was attacked by the fundamentalists for attending school Swat is under the full control of the fundamentalist organizations which compel the people to act according to Shariat law rather than the state laws.

Many Muslims see today's so called 'crisis of Islam' as the willingness to follow the 'false' ideas of the western world, and that what is needed is a reassertion of traditional values.

But this measurement cannot be regarded as a true measurement of religiosity because people go to church or religious places for many reasons—to worship, meet friends and relatives, participate in weddings, and sometimes even with an objective of thieving or pick-pocketing, and so on. Hindu fundamentalism have also grown in recent years due to Hindutva politics which is again very pernicious for the country.

Efforts should be made towards giving due recognition to religious identities so that problems do not crop up.

Fundamentalism: Useful Essay on Fundamentalism

Currently, a section of the Christian fundamentalists believe in the "premillennial eschatology", wherein they consider the world to be doomed until Jesus returns and defeats the Antichrist. Fundamentalism is basically going back to the fundamentals of religion which is really good because all the religions preach noble ideas like universal brotherhood, peace and compassion.

As a movement attracting devout adherents, fundamentalism must be recognized as a major social force. Sayyid Qutb was its most prominent thinker. Every nation has differences on the basis of race, language, culture.

Sayyid Qutb was its most prominent thinker. Frequently those who argue in this Ethnicity has also contributed towards religious fundamentalism. In Islam, fundamentalists issue fatwa against those who go against the principles of Islam e.

Iran is a leading country in pursuing the policies of religious fundamentalism.

Religious Fundamentalism Essay

RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM: THE ROOT CAUSES. In this essay I explore the root causes of religious fundamentalism, with particular reference to the Protestant and Islamic faiths. These two are the most visible and reasonably representative of the less vocal fundamentalisms.

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Fundamentalist Christian believes that the Bible forbids abortion and that outlawing the school prayer is an abomination. Therefore, due to the failure of modernization it actually leads to the rise of religious fundamentalism. In conclusion, Western influence plays a big role in the rise of religious fundamentalism.

To what extent is it true that religious fundamentalism arose as a reaction to the influences of the West? It is true to the large extent that religious fundamentalism arose as a reaction to the influences of the West due to US backing for Shah, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the support for the Mujahedeen.

Fundamentalism: Useful Essay on Fundamentalism!


The term ‘fundamentalism’ refers to adherence to earlier accepted religious doctrines and is often accompanied by a literal application of historical beliefs and scriptures to today’s world (Schaefer and Lamm, ).

Religious Fundamentalism Essay Religious fundamentalism is the strict maintenance of ancient or fundamental doctrines of any religion. The term fundamentalism, though, was originally an Anglo-Saxon Protestant term applied to those who maintained that the Bible must be accepted and interpreted literally.

Religious fundamentalism essay
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Fundamentalism: Useful Essay on Fundamentalism